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What Are Italian Football Odds and How to Predict the Hottest Serie A Matches

Italy is one of the world's most developed football nations, with the Serie A being a prominent annual tournament. Right now, bet win tips will share information about Italian football odds and provide insights and predictions for some of the upcoming hot matches.

What Are Italian Football Odds?

Football odds represent the betting rates for each match. These are the best betting site bangladesh predicted scores related to the win/loss outcomes of the teams. Bettors use these odds to make informed decisions and place bets to potentially win money.

Italian football odds are the bookmaker's predicted scores related to the outcomes of matches in Italy, most notably in Serie A. Serie A is the most followed Italian football league by fans.

Introduction to Serie A

Serie A is the top professional football league in Italy. All Serie A odds can be tracked on W88.

History and Formation of Serie A

Serie A is the highest professional league in the Italian Football Federation. Its main sponsor is Telecom Italia. The first league took place in 1929/1930 under the name Serie A TIM. Since the 2010/2011 season, it has been called Lega Serie A.

From the 2011/2012 season, only the top three teams participate in the UEFA Champions League (previously four). Each season, three clubs are relegated and replaced by three clubs promoted from Serie B (the top 2 teams are promoted directly, and 4 teams from 3rd to 6th place play off to determine the third team).

Serie A Competition Format

Serie A follows a round-robin format with 20 teams playing 19 matches in the first half of the season and the return legs in the second half. The bottom three teams are relegated to Serie B, while the top three Serie B teams are promoted to Serie A.

If two or more teams are tied on points at the end of the season, their ranking is determined by head-to-head records. This indicates that Serie A odds are not only calculated at the end of the season but throughout the campaign. The top four teams in the Serie A standings qualify for the Champions League, while the fifth and sixth-placed teams qualify for the Europa League.

Insights on Serie A Teams

Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan have topped the Serie A rankings over the years, winning numerous Serie A titles. These three teams are often given the highest odds to win the championship. Here's a list of Serie A champions over the past 10 seasons:

  • 2020–2021: Inter Milan

  • 2011–2020: Juventus

  • 2010–2011: AC Milan

  • 2005–2006: Inter Milan

Predictions for Some Notable Serie A Matches in the 2020/2021 Season

Juventus vs. Roma at 1:30 AM on October 18

Juventus has won 3 of their last 5 matches against Roma in all competitions, and we support the home team to win again this weekend. The home team is in good form with 5 wins in their last 6 national and cup matches, while Roma has lost 2 of their last 3 Serie A matches.

Roma bounced back from a defeat to Lazio with a 2-0 home win over Empoli last time out. Pellegrini, who is in great form this season, scored just before the break. Former Arsenal and Man Utd midfielder Mkhitaryan made it 2-0 early in the second half to secure the win and get Roma back to winning ways. Therefore, goals at both ends this weekend seem likely. W88's odds for this match are 2-1 in favor of Juventus.

AC Milan vs. Bologna at 1:45 AM on October 24

AC Milan will enter this match after suffering their first defeats of the season, following a home loss to Atalanta and a Coppa Italia defeat. However, AC Milan remains nearly perfect on the road, unbeaten in 9 away matches in Serie A this season, winning 8 of them.

AC Milan is rated higher than Bologna Their recent head-to-head record with Bologna is even more impressive. AC Milan has won 9 and drawn 1 of the last 10 encounters. Bologna's current form suggests that record may continue in this match, as Mihajlovic's team has only won once in their last 10 Serie A matches.

Meanwhile, Bologna hasn't won at home against Milan in 14 encounters, with their last success in this fixture coming in 2002. Therefore, W88 also predicts a win for Milan, with the score likely to be 2-1.

Sampdoria vs. Atalanta at 1:45 AM on October 28

Atalanta is favored to secure their seventh away win of the season. Only Internazionale has scored more than Atalanta's 53 goals so far this season. Sampdoria has had a very difficult season, with only one win in the first round.

Sampdoria's defense has also been very unstable, conceding 13 goals in the previous 4 matches. Therefore, Sampdoria is really not in good shape for this clash with Atalanta, a stronger and more offensive team. The predicted score for this match is 2-0 in favor of Atalanta.

Through this article, you should now understand what Italian football odds are and have some information related to Serie A. If you want to bet on Italian odds at a bookmaker top, visit Vietnam's number one reputable bookmaker, W88. Their services and promotions will surely satisfy you.


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