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Life Partners

Paige: Sasha, that is not fair. Okay yes, I am less available to you now than I was before when there was no one else in my life and we talked every night till 2 in the morning. But that was always gonna change when one of us met someone. I mean you don't talk to your friends till 2 in the morning anymore, you stop needing that.

Life Partners

Life partnership does not provide all of the rights and benefits available to opposite-sex married couples and their dependents/children. For example, your life partner will not automatically have the right to make certain financial and medical decisions for you.

In addition, if either you or your life partner is the biological or legal parent of a minor child, additional steps must be taken to establish the parental rights of the non-biological or nonlegal parent.

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged Texas-based financial services firm Life Partners Holdings, Inc. and three of its senior executives for their involvement in a fraudulent disclosure and accounting scheme involving life settlements.

If the two friends are different genders, they're Platonic Life-Partners, perhaps Like Brother and Sister. When an entire group are life partners, they're True Companions. Compare Chastity Couple, whose relationship is romantic but not sexual.

  • Asian Animation In Happy Heroes, Careful S. grows quite fond of Kalo after their fight in the latter's debut episode, and the two become close partners in fighting monsters, though they're never stated to be anything other than straight. It gets to the point where Careful S. is genuinely distressed when Kalo kills himself to save Planet Xing in Season 7.

  • Fat Doc and Slim Doc from Lamput are very much straight; Slim Doc has a crush on Mrs. Lipstick, and while Fat Doc has actually developed a crush on Slim Doc twice, in both instances it's because he mistook him for a woman. With that said, the docs have a close bond to each other, with the two having known each other since grade school and having worked together to search for and capture Lamput ever since.

  • Podcasts In Psycomedia, only one half of the Double Act thinks this is the case. The other is adamant that they're not life partners and that he has a girlfriend.

  • An interesting example between the two co-hosts of King Falls AM as Ben Arnold is in love with librarian, Emily Potter, and Sammy Stevens is gay. Ben and Sammy's relationship develops very quickly and it isn't long before there are multiple, on-air, explicit declarations of love for each other.

  • Visual Novels Katawa Shoujo has Hanako and Lilly. Hanako is an extreme social recluse, to the extent that she depends on Lilly just to help her cope at school, while Lilly has taken a role very similar to that of a mother in taking care of her. Their routes in Act 1 don't split until the very end, and each of their routes beyond that still feature the other heavily. In Lilly's route, Hisao comments that they're sort of like an odd family altogether, with him and Lilly as the parents and Hanako as the child.

  • After a sauna duel, Mondo Oowada and Kiyotaka Ishimaru gain this kind of relationship in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Sadly, it doesn't last very long, as Oowada is executed two days later.

  • The Fruit of Grisaia: Michiru and Sachi are this. They rely on each other with Sachi constantly helping out Michiru with her chroes and Michiru quietly helping out when Sachi is facing a rather difficult request.

  • Akira and Seiji from Spirit Hunter: NG, friends from childhood who've known each other for so long that Seiji can read Akira flawlessly, much to the latter's annoyance. The game makes it clear that it's one of Akira's most important relationships, alongside his ship teasy one with Kaoru.

  • In Area X, Elcia and Irina have this relationship. [[spoiler:Irina's death has a major effect on Elcia, who is driven to find out the truth behind it.

  • A Little Lily Princess: In non-romantic endings, the person whose route was followed remains the most important person in Sara's life.

  • Mr. Carrisford and his servant Ram Dass are promoted to this, at the very least. Ram Dass is made into the reason Mr. Carrisford survived the very circumstances that killed Sara's father, is shown to play a major emotional support role towards him, calls him a friend the first time he mentions him and makes a comment about Charan the monkey being like a child to both him and Mr. Carrisford. In one of the game's final scenes, Mr. Carrisford and Ram Dass are revealed as co-conspirators in making the "magic" happen rather than it all being Mr. Carrisford's idea, Ram Dass is shown to be on nickname basis with Mr. Carrisford and both men put a protective hand on Sara's shoulder when Miss Minchin comes to get her.

  • Mr. Carrisford describes himself as having been "closer than a brother" to Sara's father back in their youth. Becky's ending throws any ambguity about that particular relationship out the window, as Sara's confession in the finale consist of wanting a relationship just like the one between her father and Mr. Carrisford with Becky.

  • Ace Attorney: Gumshoe thinks he has one of these going on with Edgeworth. Sometimes it's truer than others. Edgeworth does seem very fond of him, and has saved him from getting fired on several different occasions. But he's still very frequently annoyed by the bumbling detective.

  • Adrian Andrews and her boss, Celeste Inpax had a very close friendship with each other before Inpax committed suicide, which sent Adrian into depression. After regaining her happiness from the aftermath of Matt Engarde's trial, Adrian becomes close friends with Franziska Von Karma, even going on holiday vacation with her and learning how to use the whip.

  • Web Animation Raimi and Oran of Broken Saints, although it takes them a while to bond.

  • Homestar Runner's Strong Mad and The Cheat, and Bubs and Coach Z. Homestar and Pom Pom are supposed to be this, but in later cartoons it became much less apparent.

  • Lobo (Webseries): Lobo and the arms dealer Stumpy are close friends.

  • Minilife TV: Chris and Ian are two best friends that live together, and although there are people who think they're more than just friends, they both deny it.

  • The Most Popular Girls in School: Rachel and Judith. However, it's been implied that Judith is bisexual...

  • Ratboy Genius has the close Interspecies Friendship of Happyman and Green Monster.

  • Red vs. Blue: Grif and Simmons (and apparently, their voice actors in real life), and Tucker and Church to a lesser degree.

  • Dexter Gilligan and Lyle McDouchebag of Sanity Not Included. At least up until the end of Season 3, in which Lyle commits suicide in the animated section of the show, marking his departure.

  • Steve And Carlos the title character Steve and Carlos seem to be a rather Vitriolic version of this. Especially since Carlos gave up life in the real world to stay with Steve.

However, spouses are married, and marriage is a legal partnership. With marriage comes a lot of responsibilities and benefits. For example, those who are married have decision-making authority. If their spouse has health problems, they can make decisions about medical care and treatment. Life partners do not have this right. Spouses also have automatic inheritance rights and they can file taxes together for greater benefits.

You help employees make the right caring choices at key stages in their family life. Giving them a flexible benefit, either choosing a provider on the platform or using one they already know and trust, meeting the demands of this new era of living.

As an employer, your life will be better too. The key driver for our platform is to help you attract, engage and retain the best working families. Providing them with the reassurance they need to focus and thrive in their work.

So given that this is by far the most important thing in life to get right, how is it possible that so many good, smart, otherwise-logical people end up choosing a life partnership that leaves them dissatisfied and unhappy?

In other words, people end up picking from whatever pool of options they have, no matter how poorly matched they might be to those candidates. The obvious conclusion to draw here is that outside of serious socialites, everyone looking for a life partner should be doing a lot of online dating, speed dating, and other systems created to broaden the candidate pool in an intelligent way.

Background: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disorder of the central nervous system with an unpredictable disease course. Life partners often become caregivers, which can be both rewarding and challenging, as the caregiver's physical and mental health is often negatively affected. Previous studies on caregiver strain focused on caregivers of persons with MS with relatively high disability levels, while caregiver strain may already be experienced by life partners living with mildly disabled persons with MS.

Methods: We included 173 persons with relapsing-remitting MS (79% female; mean age 42.8 years; 90% employed; median EDSS 2.0) and their life partners. The life partners completed questionnaires on caregiver strain and neuropsychiatric and cognitive functioning of the person with MS. The persons with MS completed questionnaires about demographics, fatigue, personality, physical, cognitive and neuropsychiatric functioning, and underwent neuropsychological and neurological examinations. A linear regression analysis was conducted to examine predictors of caregiver strain.

Results: 24% of the life partners experienced above average levels of caregiver strain. A multivariate linear regression analysis revealed that a higher age of the person with MS (β = 0.16, p = 0.04), more physical disability (β = 0.17 p = 0.04), more cognitive and neuropsychiatric problems of the person with MS as reported by the life partner (β = 0.33, p = 0.001) and higher severity of neuropsychiatric symptoms as reported by the life partner (β = 0.32, p = 0.001) were associated with higher caregiver strain (R2 = 0.49). 041b061a72


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