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Where To Buy Vinyl Cutter

The best vinyl cutter machines used to be predominantly die-cut models, with manual cutters that were only as good as the dies you buy. These days, models from Cricut and Silhouette mean you can have endless fun printing different vinyl stickers for use on cards, labelling, making banners, and even on clothing.

where to buy vinyl cutter


While some vinyl cutting machines are hefty and not ideal for moving away from your crafting space, others can be transported to any place you may want to use them, and they're also a lot more storage-friendly. In our view, the best portable vinyl cutting machine is the Cricut Joy. It's neat and compact, and although that means a narrow cutting width, it can work on Smart Materials for as long as 20 feet, making it suitable for banners.

Generally both machines are evenly matched, but I would say the Silhouette Cameo 4 has more pressure in its blade mechanism than the Cricut Maker 3 so it can brute force cuts, while the Maker 3 uses a series of cuts to achieve the same result. Cricut has a broader range of accessories and blades, which means if you invest then Maker 3 can cut more. Read my guide, Cricut vs Silhouette for a deep dive into the two brands and vinyl cutting machines.

For electrical vinyl cutting machines like those in my list, then generally yes. These craft cutting machines have apps that run on Mac and Windows and Android versions that can run on mobiles, tablets and Chromebooks. The alternative is the Brother ScanNCut range that features an onboard CPU and touchscreen, so technically you don't need a computer with these machines.

When choosing from the best vinyl cutter machines available today, there's so much choice it can be bewildering. These new digital craft machines can do more than simply cut materials, then can score, engrave and be used with heat press machines to create shirts, stickers and even wallpaper.

Some vinyl cutting machines come with added functions like debossing, scoring, foil transfer, or perforation, and most can be paired with a laptop or smartphone to work with software so you can cut out sophisticated designs without having special skills. One of the newer machines in my list, the xTools M1, even features a laser cutter alongside a traditional blade cutter for extra accuracy and improved speed.

While some vinyl cutting machines are hefty and not ideal for moving away from your crafting space, others can be transported to any place you may want to use them, and they're also a lot more storage-friendly. In our view, the best portable vinyl cutting machine is the Cricut Joy (opens in new tab). It's neat and compact, and although that means a narrow cutting width, it can work on Smart Materials for as long as 20 feet, making it suitable for banners.

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Create, design, and explore with us for your next creative ambition with our vinyl cutter plotter machines. For the craft enthusiast to a fully operational business, Heat Press Nation is your place to go.

Despite all the state-of-the-art features, S2 T Series cutters remain remarkably easy to use. A vibrant, full-color LCD touch-screen featuring an upgraded graphic user interface and intuitively reorganized menu system allows the user to conveniently control every function and parameter.

Count on this next-generation contour cutting machine to greatly enhance workflow productivity when cutting printed graphics, signs, labels, vehicle wraps and more. When paired with computer-controlled blade rotation, Summa S Class T Series sets the standard by which all other vinyl cutters are measured.

After more than two decades, Roland DG still leads the industry in vinyl contour cutting technology. Whether you're looking for large format vinyl cutter machines or desktop vinyl plotters, Roland DG technology enables sign and graphics professionals to create large format signs, vehicle decals, stickers, heat transfer apparel and more.

A vinyl cutter will take your apparel decoration to the next level! You can say yes to more orders, increase sales, and reach new markets. Are you ready to find out how? Check out the top five reasons upgrading to a professional vinyl cutter will benefit your business.

By upgrading to a vinyl cutter, you can provide faster turnaround times, cut transfers in-house for quicker service, or even offer same-day orders. A professional cutter will continuously cut rolls of material for speedier production, meaning you can load and go without stopping to replace sheets. Taking more orders will increase your sales and lead to higher profits.

Professional vinyl cutters offer consistent production. Increase efficiency with finely detailed and smooth cuts, and experience easier weeding with the ability to produce more intricate designs. You can also cut a wider variety of materials with accuracy, such as twill or thicker heat transfer vinyl.

A professional vinyl cutter comes with upgraded cutting software. The advanced software allows you to accept varying types of art files from your customers and gives you the ability to cut right away without any format conversion.

A commercial vinyl cutter is an industrial tool that cuts vinyl and other materials into desired shapes. These machines typically look a lot like a desktop printer, but instead of having a pen, they use a blade to cut designs, shapes, and letters into vinyl so users can fix them to different surfaces.

Vinyl printers allow users to print images on large rolls of plastic. Typically, these rolls are treated to absorb inkjets and display high-res posters that can be adhered to different surfaces. On the other hand, a vinyl cutter is generally used to cut out shapes that you can stick to a range of objects.

Cricut is a manufacturer of small electronic cutting machines. You can use one to cut designs on various materials, like paper, vinyl, and card stock, with some models able to handle certain woods and leathers.

The main differences between a vinyl cutter and a Cricut are that the latter is primarily made for home use. While some machines are capable of commercial work, the maximum material width on their devices is about 13 inches.

Many budget machines can easily handle smaller commercial-grade projects, with cutting feeds of around a meter. Industrial-size jobs will require a far larger vinyl cutter. The following 6 commercial vinyl cutter machines are what we recommend for 2022 based on the latest customer sentiment data and recommendations from our community of metallurgists:

The CAMM-1 is an upgrade on previous GS-24 models. The cartridge and blade holder has been redesigned, giving the machine increased stability. Additionally, it can now cut into thicker materials and substrates, which is a welcome bonus. Some materials you can cut with the device include magnetic sheets, reflective vinyl, window frosting, and even rubber sheets.

The unit contains a D-typed motherboard alongside a 4M cache memory. This feature gives the cutter increased speed and reliability. Another bonus is that the machine is very quiet, making it suitable for domestic and professional use.

True USB is another great feature that allows users to send files directly to the cutter from Adobe software and other applications that support Vector Graphics. Finally, it comes with three different blades and a pen holder for any plotters out there.

Ultimately, you want to have the most precise cut possible. Your vinyl cutter may have been set up a long time ago for entirely different projects. You want to ensure that you set up your vinyl cutter each time to cater to every new project.

These 7 points will help you be more prepared to start your vinyl cutting venture. If you have any other ideas, or any questions, please feel free to comment below or email me at

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