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DevExpress DevExtreme ##HOT##

the devextreme devtest license is not comparable, and this is the only reason i would use the devtest license. devextreme states that the license allows you to download the components, and the only code that you have to code yourself is the html markup.

DevExpress DevExtreme

Download File:

but, there is one set of components that are included in the devtest license, and these are the devextreme report writer controls. this allows developers to create dynamic reports based on sql, data source, or enum controls.

  • however, i have some questions about their components: how can i add a key to a chart?

  • how can i import my excel files and make them usable in the chart?

  • how can i configure and connect the form builder to the chart?

  • how can i connect nested views?

well, my first impression was, that i didn't really want to change, but this was a lie. the designer is really amazing. support, quick response. i have a quick question for you, how can i add a key to a chart?

conversion from delphi, is really starting to pay dividends. i was so impressed, i really feel like i'm now getting the best of both worlds. and devextreme and devexpress is really starting to win me over. after all, i have the best of devexpress on my desktop, with my favorite go to control on my handheld devices, and now i can use my favorite desktop tool on my browser.

currently, i have access to all of my favorite features, and my xcel file is successfully imported and displayed. i am able to configure my line series with many different properties, create any xml query. i have access to all of my favorite proparts controls. all of my designer favorites are now a click away. i have full chart navigation with scrolling, and now my form builder works on both my hand-held and desktop.


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