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Crimes Of The Future 2022 - 107 Min Dramma ...

Crimes of the Future is a 2022 science fiction body horror drama film written and directed by David Cronenberg. The film stars Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux and Kristen Stewart.[4] It follows a performance artist duo (Mortensen and Seydoux) who perform surgery for audiences in a future where human evolution has accelerated for much of the population. Although the film shares its title with Cronenberg's 1970 film of the same name, it is not a remake as the story and concept are unrelated, and there is no connection between the two films whatsoever.[5] The film marked Cronenberg's return to the science fiction and horror genres for the first time since Existenz (1999).

Crimes of the Future 2022 - 107 min Dramma ...

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