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Where To Buy Landline Phones

Next, we turned to the phone makers themselves. Our research revealed that there are only two major manufacturers of cordless phones: Panasonic and VTech, the latter of which also makes AT&T-branded phones. There are smaller brands, but for support and warranty purposes, we hewed closely to the larger brands.

where to buy landline phones


To figure out which features and specifications were the most important, we gathered a group of Wirecutter staffers who had cordless phones and asked why they used them and what features they found most useful. We combined that feedback with our research to arrive at a list of criteria:

Retired audiologist Lisa Devlin performed similar tests with the amplified phones, allowing us to evaluate range and outgoing audio quality. Additionally, she made calls using each phone and toggled through the various settings intended to aid hearing, including the volume-adjustment options, tone control, slow-speech and noise-reduction functions, and any audio assist or boost buttons. 041b061a72


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