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Temple Run: An Endless Game of Thrills and Spills

Endless Game Download: Temple Run

Do you love adventure, excitement, and thrill? Do you want to experience the adrenaline rush of running for your life from a horde of angry monkeys? Do you want to test your reflexes and skills as you race through ancient temples, jungles, mines, and cliffs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to download Temple Run, one of the most popular and addictive endless running games ever made.

endless game download temple run

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Temple Run is a 3D endless running game developed and published by Imangi Studios. The game was released for iOS devices in August 2011, and later for Android devices in March 2012. The game has been downloaded over 500 million times, making it one of the most successful mobile games of all time. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Temple Run, including its features, history, development, tips, tricks, reviews, ratings, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and get ready to run!

Temple Run Features

Temple Run is not just a simple running game. It has many features that make it stand out from other games in the genre. Here are some of them:

Stunning 3D graphics and environments

Temple Run has amazing 3D graphics that create a realistic and immersive experience for the players. The game takes you to different environments, such as ancient temples, jungles, mines, waterfalls, bridges, cliffs, and more. The game also has dynamic lighting and shadows, weather effects, fire effects, and other details that enhance the visual quality of the game.

Simple and addictive gameplay

Temple Run has a simple gameplay that anyone can learn and enjoy. The game is controlled by tilting your device left or right to move your character to either side of the screen, swiping up or down to jump or slide under obstacles, and swiping left or right to turn at corners. The game is fast-paced and challenging, as you have to avoid various obstacles such as trees, rocks, gaps, fire traps, spikes, walls, etc. The game also has a constant sense of urgency, as you are chased by a pack of demonic monkeys that will catch you if you slow down or make a mistake.

Various characters and power-ups to unlock

Temple Run has several characters that you can choose from or unlock as you play the game. Each character has their own personality and appearance. Some of the characters are Guy Dangerous, an average explorer; Scarlett Fox, an escape artist; Barry Bones, a city cop; Karma Lee, the fastest runner in the Far East; Montana Smith, the second greatest explorer ever; Francisco Montoya, a Spanish conquistador; Zack Wonder, a football star; etc.

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The game also has various power-ups that you can buy or upgrade with coins that you collect during your runs. Some of the power-ups are Shield, which protects you from one hit ; Coin Magnet, which attracts all coins near you; Invisibility, which makes you invisible and immune to obstacles; Boost, which makes you run faster and fly over gaps; etc.

Achievements and leaderboards to challenge your friends

Temple Run has many achievements that you can complete to earn coins and bragging rights. Some of the achievements are Novice Runner, which requires you to run 500 meters; Adventurer, which requires you to score 25,000 points; Treasure Hunter, which requires you to collect 50,000 coins; etc.

The game also has leaderboards that show your rank and score compared to other players around the world or your friends. You can connect your game to Facebook or Game Center to see how you stack up against your friends and challenge them to beat your score.

Temple Run History and Development

Temple Run is not just a game, it is also a story of passion, creativity, and success. Here is how Temple Run came to be:

How Temple Run was created by a husband-and-wife team

Temple Run was created by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova, a husband-and-wife team who founded Imangi Studios in 2008. They were both avid gamers and programmers who wanted to make their own games. They started by making casual games for iOS devices, such as Harbor Master, Max Adventure, and Hippo High Dive. However, they wanted to make something more original and innovative, something that would stand out from the crowd of endless running games that were popular at the time.

They got the idea for Temple Run after watching the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indiana Jones escapes from a temple by running away from a boulder. They thought it would be fun to make a game where you run away from something instead of towards something. They also wanted to make a game that was easy to play but hard to master, something that would appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. They decided to use the Unity engine, which allowed them to create 3D graphics and environments with ease. They also decided to use tilt and swipe controls, which were intuitive and responsive for mobile devices.

They worked on the game for six months, with Keith doing the programming and design, and Natalia doing the art and sound. They also hired Kiril Tchangov as a contractor to help with the animation and character modeling. They tested the game on their friends and family, who gave them positive feedback and suggestions. They finally released the game on August 4, 2011, for iOS devices.

How Temple Run became a global phenomenon with millions of downloads

Temple Run did not have a big marketing budget or a famous publisher behind it. It relied on word-of-mouth and organic growth to reach its audience. The game was featured by Apple on the App Store, which gave it more exposure and downloads. The game also received positive reviews from critics and users, who praised its graphics, gameplay, replay value, and fun factor.

The game soon became viral, as more and more people downloaded it and shared it with their friends. The game also benefited from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc., where people posted their scores, screenshots, videos, memes, fan art, etc., related to the game. The game also attracted celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Emma Watson, etc., who played the game and tweeted about it.

The game reached 1 million downloads in less than a week after its release. It reached 10 million downloads in less than a month. It reached 100 million downloads in less than a year. It reached 500 million downloads in less than two years. It became one of the most downloaded games of all time.

How Temple Run spawned sequels and spin-offs with Disney/Pixar

Temple Run was so successful that it inspired Imangi Studios to create more games based on it. They released Temple Run: Brave in June 2012, which was a spin-off based on the Disney/Pixar movie Brave. The game featured Merida as the main character, who ran away from Mor'du the bear instead of monkeys. The game also added archery as a new gameplay element.

They released Temple Run 2 in January 2013, which was a sequel that improved upon the original game in every aspect. The game featured new characters , new environments, new obstacles, new power-ups, new graphics, new music, and new gameplay mechanics. The game also introduced a new currency called gems, which could be used to revive the character after dying.

They released Temple Run: Oz in February 2013, which was another spin-off based on the Disney movie Oz the Great and Powerful. The game featured Oz as the main character, who ran away from flying baboons instead of monkeys. The game also added hot air balloons and headless horsemen as new obstacles.

They released Temple Run VR in December 2014, which was a virtual reality version of the game for Samsung Gear VR. The game allowed the players to experience the game in a more immersive and realistic way, as they could look around and fee


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