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Port Royale 3: il gioco di simulazione storica che puoi giocare in italiano grazie al torrent

indeed, their conduct since their arrival at paris, seems to prove, that, though the tenor of the laws be harsh in some instances, they are not in others; which, indeed, would be neither just nor reasonable.

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this will be done when we shall receive a copy of the edict, by which their property is to be confiscated. to this end, i have already written to our minister at st. [page 168] petersburg, who is already a personal friend of ours, so that he will advise us how to manage the affair. to give the affair a proper form, it is my intention to make a proposition for an immediate exchange, and to remit them into their own country

as a pledge of general indemnity, on condition that they pay up all their interest, which will probably be 100,000 fons, and that they give one of their ships as a guaranty of that, till an individual payment, when the second will be joined to the first.

as to the other point, i shall leave that to your excellencies determination: whether they should retain their late commands, as a final authority, or if they should be replaced by others on a higher authority, in the first; and thereby avoid the delay in the execution of which their remaining the longer in office might be dangerous to the public. in the latter case, we shall not fail, either in our private offices, or on the public stage, to manifest as much of our approbation and encouragement as they can expect from us.

that which is reserved for the determination of the last and solemn examination, the profits and remuneration, is, according to the numerous observations and assurances i have already received, not of the last nor of the least consequence in this affair: and, if i were to judge from the present state of ours, to which i shall occasionally allude in this paper, it seems very probable, that when the promise of redemption is offered to them, they may not be willing to rest on such an easy recompense; as it is taken very much at their own valuation, and is absolutely in the power of the government. but i only speak as an advocate of the prisoners of war, who are interested in the affair, and whose property is, in the nature of things, more valuable than that of a foreign squadron.


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