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Omnia Oven from Sweden

Have you ever heard of an Omnia Oven? They are popular with boaters, overlanders and van lifers. Weighing about 1 pound it is perfect for those of us who need to watch weight and space in our rigs.

I had been researching the Omnia after seeing someone making lasagna with one on YouTube at a campsite. How cool is that to bake lasagna in the great outdoors? Although we have a perfectly fine microwave/convection oven in our rig we prefer to cook outdoors whenever possible.

When Joe and Kait from We're The Russo's were giving away 2 of them on Instagram, I gave it a try. WOW I WON! I never win at these things.

Gustaf from Omnia Sweden confirmed and sent it out right away. I also ordered silicone molds and the little wire rack. I was pretty excited to get baking when all my items arrived. What to make? 

I don't like to cook but do reluctantly, out of necessity, so I try to keep it simple. My first attempt at Omnia baking was pretty easy. I picked up prepackaged stuffed mushrooms from Safeway and fired up the Little Coleman Fold & Go bbq. Not wanting to overcook them I kept peeking, so I don't know how long it actually took for them to bake.  

They turned out perfect! Gooey cheese and spinach mushrooms tasted great and clean up was easy using a silicone mold. If it fits into your world I recommend you check out the Omnia Oven.  

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